When it comes to keeping your yard clean, their business is our business.

We provide poop scooping and pet waste removal to homes, parks and communities.


It may seem simple, but there are proven scientific reasons to keep your yard free of pet waste. For one, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), labels pet waste as a non-point source pollutant. A high nitrogen content makes it toxic to your lawn. And most importantly, pet waste is known to transmit diseases that include salmonella, giardia, roundworms and hookworms.


We’re literally a dump truck. After completely removing the pet waste from your property, we take the goods and the smell with us. Additionally, all equipment is disinfected between customers to prevent any cross-contamination from yard to yard.


With our 100% guarantee, you can be sure all your pet’s waste will be thoroughly removed, leaving your yard clean, green and ready for fun.

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Ruff Stuff Pet Waste Removal leads the pack in pet waste removal.

Welcome to the website of Atlanta’s premier pet waste removal company. We’re Ruff Stuff and we remove dog waste like no other. That’s right, our team of skilled waste removal technicians, carefully comb your property, locate any and all waste, and thoroughly remove it from the premises.

Besides saving you valuable time, proper pet waste removal protects your property from what the EPA has classified as an environmental pollutant. Pet waste is not only toxic to your lawn, but can harbor a number of disease causing bacteria and parasites. So let Ruff Stuff Pet Waste Removal handle the dirty work of keeping your property free of pet waste. It’s what we do and we do it well.

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